Quality Compliance of electronic manufacturing

    The QCe Compliance Audit is a program that provides for the extended assesment of the over 100 requirements and procedures outlined in
    IPC J-STD-001 Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies.
    The standard outlines the procedures that must be in place for a facility and its processes to be in compliance with J-STD-001 and other IPC standards.
    SQC provides for an initial evaluation of Organisation, Quality Assurance, Facility and Product Quality.

    The result of the initial evaluation is a gap-analysis with a listing of subjects that need attention. Each subject is detailed in a non-conformance report, stating the finding, the cause and the correction. This gap-analysis is now the working platform for the facility and a helping tool to make the changes nessesary, so that a following successful audit can be performed, before the QCe certificate is issued.

    The QCe-certificate is maintained by regular audits, the frequency of auditing is planned together with the facility to optimize the “learning curve”.